Nov 2021:

High Accμracy Project 
Press Release November 2021   
VTT, a Hi-Accµracy Project consortium
partner headquartered in Espoo, Finland, is really proving their credentials in high precision printing. In the latest edition of OPE (Organic and Printed Electronics) Journal, November 2021 (no.37)  , VTT explain how they are developing Reverse Offset Printing (ROP) technologies that allow them to realise sub-micron line resolution and µm-scale alignment accuracy. Follow this link to OPE Journal to read the article ‘Taking the accuracy of printed electronics beyond 1µm’ (p.17),  about how VTT’s work is enhancing the accuracy of printed electronics using ROP, and how these innovations could enable a range of future technologies. 

VTT is the Technical Research Centre of Finland
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